Hello! Welcome to the Märchen Translations blog. We’re an otome game translation group and our aim is to translate Anniversary no Kuni no Alice – the remake of Heart no Kuni no Alice. For more information on the Heart no Kuni no Alice series visit the wiki. When this is finished, we’ll probably move onto the other games in the series.

Thanks for coming!

MASSIVE EDIT ON 7/1/2016: Most of the initial members have retired including the admin, replaced by newer members. Active means the person is still regularly contributing, inactive means they aren’t but they might do so in near or distant future. Retired means they are no longer involved at all.

Staff Members


  • vocaotome (current, active)
  • stellarroze (former, retired)

Image Editor:

  • Spicy Diamond (active)
  • Straydog12 (active)
  • vocaotome (active)
  • Pandora (inactive)
  • andi_91 (retired)


  • Falaina (active)


  • vocaotome (active)
  • final_account (active)
  • Kaylin (active)
  • Aubrey (active)
  • Noriri (active)
  • HakaiEve (active)
  • Shinsuki (active)
  • Spinster (inactive)
  • Chirigirl13 (inactive)
  • Yukihime (inactive)
  • Ciara (inactive)
  • amuletcross (retired)
  • NuitNoire (retired)
  • ask-the-mock-turtle (retired)
  • Atikal07 (retired)
  • Neri (retired)


  • vocaotome (active)


  • Eldiatricc (active)
  • vocaotome (active)


  • Hattingmad (active)
  • Eldiatricc (active)
  • Shay (active)
  • Liza (active)
  • Shinsuki (active)
  • Mimi (inactive)
  • Jes (inactive)
  • Lucy (inactive)
  • Suzubelle-chan (retired)
  • Pandora (inactive)
  • Daeyamati (retired)
  • Kytana (retired)


  • sonic (active)
  • Shay (active)
  • Shinsuki (active)
  • Liza (active)
  • Mellissa (active)
  • Maisa (active)
  • Mio (inactive)
  • Grimm (inactive)
  • Marie (inactive)
  • Jes (inactive)
  • Ayame Jay (retired)
  • Kyatana (retired)

Special Thanks (people who aren’t  staff members, but have helped out):

  • yu_eriyama
  • yuvie

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Where did you guys learn how to translate From Japanese to English? If you could recommend any books/sites that has good teachings on it then maybe i can help out with transitions too once i learn a good foundation! 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you guys are still working on this? I see that the last update post was in in 2013… I would, do love for this game to have an English patch 😊

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