Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release!

Hello friends! Thanks to the hard work of our project members and all your support, the translation project has FINALLY been completed!! We added all the remaining routes and also did some extensive grammar and translation check of the previously completed routes, so expect better quality translations overall~


All the character routes and subevents are now translated. If you run into any Japanese text, let us know immediately because there shouldn’t be any.

EDIT: patch.xp3 updated to include 2 missing basic events in Blood’s non-stay route. Thank you Brianna for letting us know!

The download link for the patch is below~! Note that there’s an extra folder named “patch without OP”, it contains an alternate version of patch.xp3 that is much smaller in size (25 MB instead of the massive 813 MB) because it doesn’t contain the translations for the opening and ending songs. It might be a better choice for people who need more disk space or have issues downloading big files. (If you only want to view the translated videos, you may check them out here on youtube, courtesy of sonic-nancy-fan ❤ )

Patch download link: Google Drive /  Mediafire

Game download link: Mega / Mediafire

(game link source: fyeah hnkna tumblr)

Once again, I’m not bothering to link sites where you can purchase the game since it seems like you can’t activate the game license now that Quinrose is no longer active.A couple tips to make your gaming experience better:

  2. Use the flag monitor to keep track of the affection points. This is a feature I added to the game with the patch, and it can be found under the debug option.
  3. The patch includes a walkthough for the game (it’s basically a translated version of the Japanese walkthrough from here.) It’s pretty long, so use the bookmarks!
  4. Optional: Change the font to “Sans Serif“. IMO it looks better than the default Serif, and Serif also tends to overflow the text box from time to time.

A big round of applause for everyone who have contributed in this project over the years~!  I’d like to especially thank the few current members who kept the project alive while I was busy with real life issues during last year: Aubrey, Sonic-nancy-fan and Eldiatricc. Their hard work is what made this release possible, and I love them all. ❤ Aubrey is godlike when comes to translating speed and accuracy, she pretty much singlehandedly translated all the remaining routes that were missing in the last patch (and she had done several more even before that!) while also translation checking old scripts, so give her a lot of love! Sonic has always been the most active member of the project, and outside her main role of proofreading (she has proofread pretty much everything since…2015? time is a blackhole), she has also helped out a lot in editing and finding gameplay issues. Like Sonic, Eldiatricc is also a mutli-tasker who both performed excellent, naturally flowing edits and religiously tested scripts ingame to ensure we have a smooth running patch 🙂

Moving on to the members who have helped us a lot over time even though they haven’t been around lately. Finalaccount comes to mind first for translating several of the hardest scripts like the prologue (Quinrose always had irritatingly long prologues). I’d also like to mention Kaylin for translating a good number of scripts especially the Nightmare route and being a great supporter of the project, Spicy-Diamond and Straydog12 for a huge amount of picture edits, Hattingmad for her numerous excellent edits, particularly for the more important and plot heavy scripts, and Falaina for creating the means for distributing the patch and helping in troubleshooting. Special thanks goes to Quibi from fuwanovel forums for his help with wrapping text properly and creating a working patch. I’d also like to thank vocaotome aka myself (lol), although I’m not sure what to classify myself as since I juggled several duties like translating/recruiting people/testing the game and fixing issues.

We should also definitely thank the retired previous admin Stellaroze for starting this project in the first palce. Among the early project members, Yukihime helped translate a large amount of scripts and Ayame, Mimi and Kyatana did the same in editing/ proofreading. Many thanks to our translators Ellis, Spinster, Chirigirl13, Alice, Ciara, Hakaieve, Nuitnoire, Noriri and Editors/Proofreaders Liza, Maisa, Grimm, Melissa, Marie, Lucy, Rebecca, Daeyamati, Pandora, Mio. My apologies to everyone whom I didn’t mention by name because of lack of space (or because they left before I became admin), rest assured that we appreciate all of you regardless.

Please ignore how I recycled a lot of sentences from earlier posts, expressing my overflowing love for my friends in writing is hard

That’s all~ Enjoy the patch, and report any issues/share your excitement by commenting in this post.

110 thoughts on “Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release!

  1. I never normally comment on anything, but for this I just have to – thank you so much for all your hard work~!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I was wondering where I can find instructions for compiling the translation patch files?? Or if you’re even supposed to do that?? How do you start the game up with the patch?

    • The patch_instructions.txt are available right in the download folder, but I will repeat: Basically you just copy and paste the two .xp3 files into your anniversary no kuni no alice installation folder.

  3. Also, I went to the fyeah hnkna tumblr site to download the raw JPN game file, but it says the file isn’t available anymore?? Would you still happen to have the original game file to reupload?? :O

    Thank you all for your hard work, and effort put into this, it was worth the wait! I hope you'll have a beautiful day.~

  5. You guys are amazing you know that? Thank you so much for all the hard work. I have loved this game since middle school and I can’t wait to play it even more.

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work! Also, this isn’t really a problem, but I thought you’d want to know that in the backlog, the previous page and next page buttons and the names showing who’s speaking are still in Japanese (at least in the prologue).

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  8. Thank you guys so much this is really awesome! Also I think some parts of Blood’s non-stay route aren’t translated, I saw a couple parts where he asks you a question and its in Japanese.

  9. Thank you and everyone one your team for never giving up!! I’ve been dying to play this for a while now so I’m sure it’s worth the wait!

  10. Is there a link fr instructions on to how to work the game file? Do I have to download 1/2/3/etc.? Do I need to download an emulator to play it? Sorry to ask!

  11. Thank you a thousand times for this! You’ve all done such good work as I’ve seen playing the game so far. Plus it’s massive! Your work is really impressive.

    I’m glad to finally be able to get more FukuJun out of this game too. Really, just thank you for this in general.

  12. Thank you so much for translating this! And I congrats everyone and am fully thankful towards all the translator and hackers that worked on this patch! You’re all so generous for doing this without anything in return! Once again I thank you all!

    Just so you know, I’ve been wishing to play this games since years ago but was unable to. So, you’re hard works may be taken lightly and for granted by others but, for me, I’m trully and immensely gratefull. You litereally made one of my childhood dreams come true. I did play the other games like Daiya on VNR but, I definitely prefer a grammatically correct and in-text translation. So thank you very much!

  13. Wow, a round of applause for your hard work all these years, I have a lot of friends who were hoping to play to this game for years and you made it possible. I love this game so much, you definitely saved me.♥ Anyway, you made an incredible work, and since I have a Heart no Kuni no Alice RP website in progress I intend to put a link to your website on the index, it totally worth it, people have to know you made such a great work.

    Love you~*wink*

    • I swear I skipped into the air so high I could be a professional basketball player. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’ve been waiting so long like many other for this game and I can’t express how happy I am to finally play it fully ;-; you guys are amazing

  14. Thank you soo much for your hardwork! I’ve been wanting to play this game since forever! You guys are amazing!!!

  15. If I already finished Julius END and already got Truth END, is it no longer possible to get Excessive sense of responsibility END ??
    Can you miss some kind of CG or something ?

      • I see, thanks.
        Wanted to get all stay and non-stay endings first,
        didn’t realize that you can’t get excessive sense of responsibility if you finish Julius end.
        Little disappointed that I probably won’t get 100%, but oh well 😀

  16. Hello again! While playing Blood’s non-stay route I’ve encountered japanese text by visiting Blood on 76 turn at night, I’ve installed the latest patch, maybe this text was just missed. Also I’ve encountered Japanese text while visiting Blood and when he asked to dispel his boredom, by selecting “brew him some tea” he responds with Japanese.

  17. Hey there! ❤
    I am soooo thankful for all your hard work. This must have taken such a long time (and tears and blood). You guys have my utmost respect and thanks. I've wanted to play this game since I found out about it a looooooong time ago.

    I really don't want to bother anyone but can someone tell me how to install the game properly? I downloaded everything but the game has 8 parts. So do I assamble them somehow? Or is that not how you do it? Is there is an explanation I just didn't see? I would be veeeery thankful if someone took the time to point out to me where I can find an explanation on how I get this game to work. (I don't mean the patch but the game in witch you have to drop the patch.)

    • Download 7 zip from here and install.
      Put all the zip parts of the game in the same directory, preferably the place where you want to install the game.
      Right-click the first zip file part (the one with part01.rar at the end) and select “7-Zip” from the context menu, and then “Extract Here”.
      You should get a folder that contains the extracted game. Put the patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 files in that folder. Run alice_anv.exe to play the game.

      • Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I did everything you told me to do and the game works now. 😀 Thank you soooo much. I know it’s going to be so much fun to play this and I am forever grateful to you and all the other kind and hard working people who worked on this. ❤

  18. i follow everything that were written in the instruction, I download the game from game download link provided here then I extracted the RAR file, I copied the .xp3 file to the extracted game file..but when I tried to play the game a blue screen with coding error appears…can anyone help me?

  19. Thanks everyone for this wonderful translation !!
    Just a quick question, I’m new to the serie, so this is a rework of Heart no Kuni no Alice right ? I saw that there is other games, do I need to read some reviews about the other games in order to understand perfectly the world/story/characters of Alice no Kuni serie?

  20. Thank you so much for dedicating so many years to this translation project for those such as myself who aren’t familiar with Japanese. I’ve had a great time playing this game since first finding the series back in January, something which wouldn’t have been possible without your team, and plan to start playing through the newly finished routes.

  21. Congratulation on finally finishing this patch! Thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy this game. I really appreciate everyone hard work and dedication. Again thank you for everything ^^

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  23. Amazing… ❤
    I love the twins so much..
    but I need help, how to get the 100 % save data installed/working?

    • You’ll have to replace your savedata folder contents with the files that you get from extracting the zip file (making a backup copy of your saves is advised before trying). For me the savedata folder is located in the anniversary no kuni no alice installation folder, but if it’s not there for you, it might be in your documents folder.

      • thanks ❤ took awhile to copy and paste each one but oh well 😀
        I was wondering if you still plan on translating clover? Great job, btw.

  24. Thank you so much for translating this game 🙂

    I don’t know if anybody other have expirienced it, but I get on turn 170 ball event in the blood non-stay route a ball event from Ace (I think from his nonstay-route)

    Is this a bug or something?
    Is it maybe fixable?

    Because like that I can not see the non-stay ball event with Blood.

      • Hmm, can you give me more details about the situation?
        1. Where was Alice staying? (Castle? Park? Tower?)
        2. How do you know it’s an Ace event? Did you get a CG with him? If yes, can you describe it?
        3. Did Alice dance with anyone at the ball?

      • I will describe it as detailed as possible.

        Alice was staying at the park as residence.

        at the ball she says at some Point something about Blood,
        but then the ace-nonstay-event plays instead (it starts with a scene with Boris that want to dance with Alice, but she turns the danceoffer down, because she waits for someone and then Ace appears, instead of Blood)

        Yes, I did get a CG with Ace, where all two are in their ball-outfits and ace is kissing her and pushing her in the water so her dress gets a bit drenched from the water and he offers her to go in the guestroom.
        The text in this event says a few times something about beeing only friends before, so I assume the event is from Ace’ non-stay route.

        I also expirienced this with the nonstay Twins Route (staying at the park),
        all exactly the same like with the Blood nonstay-route,
        instead of the Twins-nonstay ballevent the SAME Event of Ace plays.

        Also it does not record the blood or Twins nonstay ballevent in the memory section, only the seen Ace Nonstay-Event.

        I must note, that I watched in all two Routes Aces nonstay-events (but not so many, that I choose his route (In the flag monitor it said Blood or on the second run Dee/Dam)
        I ALSO watched as many as possible nonstay-events of the other characters,
        but this have never changed the ballevent, somehow only Aces Event starts to play at the ball.

        So I think somehow only the Ace-Nonstay-events are making this failure/ bug at the nonstay-ballscenes appear.

        Maybe one of the Ace nonstay events is bugged, so it changes the ballscene?

      • Omg that sounds so weird. Thank you for describing things in such detail, that helps.
        I’m currently going through the scripts trying to figure out the conditions for triggering the events, and I had a couple more questions.
        1. On the flag monitor, that was Blood’s and Ace’s affection point at the time of the ball?
        2. Did you view no stay event 11 for Blood before the ball? How many Ace events did you watch before the ball?
        3. Did you download the game uploaded here or did you already have the game?

      • 1. On the flag monitor, that was Blood’s and Ace’s affection point at the time of the ball?

        at the time the ball-event started there was definitely standing Blood as choosen route on the flag monitor.

        But I don´t know if it was also written there when the ace no stay event started to play.

        the affection points of Blood and Ace where at full 130 points.

        2. Did you view no stay event 11 for Blood before the ball? How many Ace events did you watch before the ball?

        I viewed all Blood no stay events before the ball, because I played with your very helpful walkthrough 🙂

        For Ace I played till “no stay event 3”, where the two are talking in the heart castle and Ace is regreting, that he not put the moves on Alice sooner.

        3. Did you download the game uploaded here or did you already have the game?

        I uploaded the game here.

        I hope this helps a little bit 🙂

      • Okay, I went back and reloaded a save game from Blood’s non stay route, and made sure I had watched Ace’s 3 nonstay events before the ball. But during the Ball Blood’s event played as expected and Ace didn’t hijack the route, I don’t know what was different for you that he did it for you orz
        I uploaded a video of the blood event with the flag monitor open, maybe you can check if the distribution of affection points were extremely different for you? (My Blood points are pretty high, but you only need 96 for this event)

  25. Hello, I am having a problem. When I try to put all the files from rar 1-8 together, and add the patches, I get a black screen and nothing happens. I can only get the game to work if I unzip rar 1, and leave the others out of the folder. Please help. Thank you

    • I think i figured out what the problem was. Extracting the rar files was with 7zip was causing file errors. When I downloaded WinRar, I was able to extract them without issue. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  26. Hello author..i have extracted the file both using Winrar and 7zip but its turn out that my alice_anv.exe is corrupted? How to fix this author? I had already downloaded the file for a second time but still i cannot play this game because the alice_anv.exe is corrupted? Please help me! 😫

    • Oh nevermind..i downloaded the game from nicoblog btw. I believe the link that you send are corrupted. However, thank you very much for yr hardwork on the translation! Love you guys! ❤❤❤

      • The download link is working for everyone else, so it was probably an one time downloading error for you because of internet connection issues or something. However I’m glad to know that you managed to make it work in the end.
        Thank you for your support!

  27. Hiiiiiii, really happy for the release, you guys worked hard!!!!!! congrats!
    I just saw the walkthrough and I’m a bit confused tho…. Aren’t there like answears I have to give to get someones affection point up? and I can’t see there anything that points to the best answer there!
    Thanks for the help hahah

    • Every character has about ~200-300 basic events, and some of them randomly have choices. As a result, it would be extremely time consuming for anyone to find and list all the choices that raise affection. However, you can easily find out the right answers as you play by saving before picking a choice and checking each choice one by one, noting the change of affection points in the flag monitor.

      • I replied the wrong answer…..SORRY!!!
        thanks a lot!!! I realised that after sending the ask… sorry about that!
        If you don’t mind helping me again, I’m having trouble on blood’s non-stay route, on event 4 only half of it is translated, the rest in still in japanese, can I fix it somehow?

  28. Hi, I see all these threads for a corrected patch of the game, but I don’t know how to transfer the save data for what portion of the game I’ve cleared so far? I already finished Elliot’s stay route, but I don’t want to lose my progress when I redownload the patch. Is there any way to transfer my save and CGs/events I’ve unlocked so far when I update the game?? Also, would I need to uninstall the game to redownload/re-install the updated patch again? Thanks!!

    • Our patch has nothing to do with the save progress or gameplay mechanics. It just changes the language, your old saves should work fine and you don’t need to transfer anything. (I’m currently playing from a 4 year old save.)
      The process of updating the patch is just deleting the existing patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 from your game directory (make backup copies of them beforehand if you want) and copying the new versions of patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 in their place.

      • thanks a lot!!! I realised that after sending the ask… sorry about that!
        If you don’t mind helping me again, I’m having trouble on blood’s non-stay route, on event 4 only half of it is translated, the rest in still in japanese, can I fix it somehow?

  29. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation because I there aren’t enough words in the english language to match the immense plethora of emotions i feel knowing that this project has succeeded. I thank every last member of this project with every fiber of my being. It has been a pleasure looking forward to each patch update.

  30. Many thanks and lots of love to all members of the team for their hard work! I’m so into everything related to “Alice in Wonderland” stuff that i’ve been following this novel translation project almost from the very beginning and… やったー!Here it is!
    I know that now you are as exited and relieved as we, the readers, are about the fact that it is finally over but i wonder if you guys will continue to work on the “Alice in the country of…” vn series? I’d also want to know about what level of japanese you should have to be able to read (and translate) the novel series, so it’ll be nice to hear from you about it, if you can provide an answer to that question, of course. Thank you so much once again. ❤

  31. Thank You VERY much for Your work, which You did SPLENDIDLY! I have trouble with keeping terms myself, more I appreciate and admire that You were able to HOLD YOUR SCHEDULE! ❤
    And now You are taking CLOVER in projects… I am SO holding thumbs for that. I am grateful and will love to see CLEVER You translate.

    Best wishes!

  32. Hello there! I just want to say a quick thank you for your hard work on this project. I’m so glad to see that this project finally got done. I have a quick question tho on one of the Hatter Mansion Sub Events. The one labeled “Land negotiations with the Queen”. It says Vivaldi has not been visited even once (as a condition) and that it is auto generated on the 171st turn (among the other conditions). How does this work exactly? If you don’t visit Vivaldi at all, she kills you on the 67th turn. So how can you not visit her and still get this sub event without being killed? Also does it mean that once all the conditions are met, this sub event will happen on turn 171 or is it possible it can happen before that? I hope what I’m asking makes sense. Thank you again!

  33. You know… Years ago, I picked up one of the Alice mangas because it looked interesting. I loved it and found out there was a game and I was “never going to be able to play it.”

    I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Thank you so much!

  34. Um……I downloaded all eight parts of the game and the patch and the save data thingy, and everything is working. But when I open the game, its all in Japanese. When I looked at the properties of alice_anv.exe it said that the language was Japanese. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

      • Yes.
        Actually. I opened it some time ago (around half an hour ago) and miraculously it was in English. I am confused as to why it wasn’t in English before when I haven’t changed a thing, but maybe it was a problem with my laptop.
        Thank you for responding. And also thank you (and your team) so much for translating this game.

  35. Hello! Thank you so much for making this patch.
    I’m trying to download it, but I’m running into a few problems, and I have very minimal technological knowledge. I downloaded the game, and I was successful in opening the very first folder (Anni_PSP), but the opener said it couldn’t open the other files. Then I looked at the files it said it couldn’t open and they were open, but when I tried to run the program, a bunch of little screens with coding popped up.
    I’m very confused. Could you please give me some advice?

  36. Thank you guys for all of your hard work! Let me know if (and when) you start working on the CnKnA translation. I’d be happy to help out in some capacity (e.g. proofreading)!

  37. Thank you so much!!! I was shocked and ecstatic to find a fanpatch for this game, I remember when I used to have to hook the text out of the game and put it through horrible google translation type things just to sort of read it maybe a little bit. Years and years ago….. I can’t wait for Clover no Kuni!

  38. Thank you so, so much for all of your hard work!!
    I know that this definitely isn’t an easy thing to do! You guys put all the effort to translate this game even when you can just play the yourselves, thank you so much for thinking of the people who can’t read Japanese and we’re all grateful to you guys for dedicating some of your time to create this patch!

  39. Hoooooly mother, it’s complete!!! Omg omg omg I’m so excited!!!
    Congratulations on finishing such a big project!! I’m in awe right now. I can’t thank you all enough, really. I’ve been checking on this project ever since there were two routes released I think. It’s crazy how much it has grown. I’m kinda moved??? Wow. Thanks again. Sorry I’m being so incoherent. I was still in high school when I discovered this game. :’)
    Now that I’m a translator myself, I can safely say I’m very satisfied with the quality of the end product. It’s even better than some official translations of otomes I’ve read. Really, kudos to you all. ❤

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