Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release!

Hello friends! Thanks to the hard work of our project members and all your support, the translation project has FINALLY been completed!! We added all the remaining routes and also did some extensive grammar and translation check of the previously completed routes, so expect better quality translations overall~


All the character routes and subevents are now translated. If you run into any Japanese text, let us know immediately because there shouldn’t be any.

EDIT: patch.xp3 updated to include 2 missing basic events in Blood’s non-stay route. Thank you Brianna for letting us know!

The download link for the patch is below~! Note that there’s an extra folder named “patch without OP”, it contains an alternate version of patch.xp3 that is much smaller in size (25 MB instead of the massive 813 MB) because it doesn’t contain the translations for the opening and ending songs. It might be a better choice for people who need more disk space or have issues downloading big files. (If you only want to view the translated videos, you may check them out here on youtube, courtesy of sonic-nancy-fan ❤ )

Patch download link: Google Drive /  Mediafire

Game download link: Mega / Mediafire

(game link source: fyeah hnkna tumblr)

Once again, I’m not bothering to link sites where you can purchase the game since it seems like you can’t activate the game license now that Quinrose is no longer active.A couple tips to make your gaming experience better:

  2. Use the flag monitor to keep track of the affection points. This is a feature I added to the game with the patch, and it can be found under the debug option.
  3. The patch includes a walkthough for the game (it’s basically a translated version of the Japanese walkthrough from here.) It’s pretty long, so use the bookmarks!
  4. Optional: Change the font to “Sans Serif“. IMO it looks better than the default Serif, and Serif also tends to overflow the text box from time to time.

A big round of applause for everyone who have contributed in this project over the years~!  I’d like to especially thank the few current members who kept the project alive while I was busy with real life issues during last year: Aubrey, Sonic-nancy-fan and Eldiatricc. Their hard work is what made this release possible, and I love them all. ❤ Aubrey is godlike when comes to translating speed and accuracy, she pretty much singlehandedly translated all the remaining routes that were missing in the last patch (and she had done several more even before that!) while also translation checking old scripts, so give her a lot of love! Sonic has always been the most active member of the project, and outside her main role of proofreading (she has proofread pretty much everything since…2015? time is a blackhole), she has also helped out a lot in editing and finding gameplay issues. Like Sonic, Eldiatricc is also a mutli-tasker who both performed excellent, naturally flowing edits and religiously tested scripts ingame to ensure we have a smooth running patch 🙂

Moving on to the members who have helped us a lot over time even though they haven’t been around lately. Finalaccount comes to mind first for translating several of the hardest scripts like the prologue (Quinrose always had irritatingly long prologues). I’d also like to mention Kaylin for translating a good number of scripts especially the Nightmare route and being a great supporter of the project, Spicy-Diamond and Straydog12 for a huge amount of picture edits, Hattingmad for her numerous excellent edits, particularly for the more important and plot heavy scripts, and Falaina for creating the means for distributing the patch and helping in troubleshooting. Special thanks goes to Quibi from fuwanovel forums for his help with wrapping text properly and creating a working patch. I’d also like to thank vocaotome aka myself (lol), although I’m not sure what to classify myself as since I juggled several duties like translating/recruiting people/testing the game and fixing issues.

We should also definitely thank the retired previous admin Stellaroze for starting this project in the first palce. Among the early project members, Yukihime helped translate a large amount of scripts and Ayame, Mimi and Kyatana did the same in editing/ proofreading. Many thanks to our translators Ellis, Spinster, Chirigirl13, Alice, Ciara, Hakaieve, Nuitnoire, Noriri and Editors/Proofreaders Liza, Maisa, Grimm, Melissa, Marie, Lucy, Rebecca, Daeyamati, Pandora, Mio. My apologies to everyone whom I didn’t mention by name because of lack of space (or because they left before I became admin), rest assured that we appreciate all of you regardless.

Please ignore how I recycled a lot of sentences from earlier posts, expressing my overflowing love for my friends in writing is hard

That’s all~ Enjoy the patch, and report any issues/share your excitement by commenting in this post.

110 thoughts on “Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Complete Patch release!

  1. Congrats on completing and thank you so much for your hard work!!! I’m so excited to finally play this! I do have a question though. How do you change the font to “Sans Serif”? :’) Thank you!

  2. Thank you all soooooo much for your hard work! I was absolutely excited to find a patch for this game.
    Still, I have a question. It seems there is a MCQ (the 3rd/4th one) in Ace’s non-stay that appears normally when not installing the patch but it’s skipped and the time period immediately changes if the patch is installed. Can you tell me how to fix it?

  3. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m so excited to finally play this game, I’ve been wanting to since, like, 2010!! I just started your patch and it runs so beautifully, thank you again for your dedication to this project!!

  4. Hi! Everything is working wonderfully so far, except when I went to boot the game back up after playing for 3 hours yesterday, my save data is not appearing in the load section?? The save data is in the save data folder in my game folder, but it’s not appearing within the game.

  5. Oh man, congratulations and thanks so much for this! This looks like a super ambitious yet exhausting project but you guys finished it! congrats again!

  6. You guys did so well!!! However,’y friend and I did encounter one part where it was Japanese for a bit. I can’t remember exactly what turn but I believe it was early 60’s. We were staying at the amusement park and we went into the forest with the haters of two turns (without selecting them, it was an automatic thing) and both times it was in Japanese. I’m not sure if it continues to be Japanese because after that my friend avoided the hatters to get onto a different route as this was their first play through and they wanted to be able to understand what they were saying.
    Thank you so much, you guys put so much hard work into this!!!

  7. Also, turn 23, while staying at the amusement park, I went to visit the clock tower and I brought Julius food. If I select apple he speaks in Japanese for 3 word block things.

  8. I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for all of this team’s hard work over the years to make this translation, download, and patch possible. Ever since I read the manga “Alice in the County of Hearts,” I’ve wanted to play this game, but I was never able to find anything safe, reliable, or readable to do so. I can’t tell you how happy I am to get to play through this game at last! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

  9. I don’t know if you guys still work on this. I wish I had found this sooner, I would love to support in any way I can! I have read/own all the mangas and I am desperately looking for the PS Vita version. You should open a Patreon, you deserve more support! You are amazing for working on this, thank you 🙂

  10. Good Afternoon,

    I’m starting to translate 4 of the 6 other Alice games through apps. Technology caught up, so it’s fairly easy. I’m through the opening events in 3 games, Nightmare route Joker’s and for Clover on Pierce’s route already. Twin World’s doing Boris. Had third door encounter with the sister showing recently this week, for Pierce’s route attempts and everything is on my YouTube channel for Sierra Herb.

    I only started posting a month ago, when I bought the games and while not always 100% accurate translating with Bixby and papago navi it’s more than decent. I am building scripts, hope you guys get this… I tried vocaotome with no reply.

    Anyway, contact me if you want to collaborate or something cuz I’m doing the four games simultaneously. Hopefully going to be done with routes in each, when Spade hits next year. I play regularly translating ahead on PSP and screen mirror a second playthrough on roms which are updated weekly with each scene I got. Don’t know how to build patches for roms though and the scripts are page by page what I got playing ahead pdf format. Lol.
    Have a lovely day.

    • Hey honey, aparently the moderator unfortunely passed away and the team is no longer active 😦
      It’s really nice what you’re doing and I hope you can launch it! It would be super fun, is there any site you post updates on your project? I’m guessing with Spade coming a lot of people will come searching for the other games and I’m sure everyone will support you.

      • sadhgvdfdg

        Hi. We didn’t think anybody’d really leave comments so long after the release date, so we didn’t check. Not sure if you’ll see this either OTL.

        Nobody has died. The blog got hacked for a few days and fake motorcycle accident posts were made. They are false. They have been removed. Sorry for the late reply. I’m not the admin, so I didn’t get any notifs somebody sent a message.

      • Hello!

        I’m glad to be hearing from you guys, someone else from your team found my discord server too and sure. I don’t mind you guys using anything from my vids to build a patch where needed. I’m not fluent, but I think I do a decent job with the translated material I do through a bunch of apps and my own limited though growing knowledge. I have some of them on scripts still, though lost some when that phone fried some things during an update. I am still doing all the games, past a Prologue and on routes for all except Daiya now. I got through about a third on Pierce’s route, I suspect by now in Clover on my YouTube channel for Sierra Herb.

      • Hi Sierra,
        Thanks for your work on the Alice games! I’m sorry for never responding, I do not know how exactly you contacted me, but if it was through tumblr there is a high chance I never saw it, Tumblr isn’t good about message alerts. I can also see that your message on the blog was from last September, in this case the fault lies in mostly me not checking the blog regularly as we were not planning anything concrete regarding translation projects back then.

        As for using your work in the patch, I have visited your channel before and saw you have some cool dubs where you comment as you play. Your translation sounds accurate enough, and the way you repeat what the characters are saying word-by-word in English would be useful if we had mostly new translators who need a second opinion often on what the characters mean, but I’m not sure if we will have any opportunity to incorporate your translations in our work since currently we mostly have experienced translators in our team. For the patch our translators are required to edit the game script files and it is more efficient for them to directly translate the text on the script.

        So TL;DR I appreciate your work and would be following your YT channel but the video translation format is not something we can use for the patch. 😦 If you have any translations in text format, I’d be happy to consider a future collaboration though.

      • Hello,

        Yes, I do have them in scripts. Not everything, because some I lost when an update fried my phone. I actually translate my psp play throughs, then recreate them on emu to screen share with my Eng Dub. I don’t subtitle because that’s way too much work ontop of translating/recreating the entire play through again. Technically it would be possible, I just don’t have time. Lmao. But, yes I have scripts for all of it starting with the first events in the Prologue for Joker/Clover. I actually only am missing some I believe from beginning, when I live translated the first videos and a bit near where I am at currently. As for the other games, the Alice ones are all past the main Prologue except Daiya and I’m working on it now to finish up.

        Also, I’ve translated other Quinrose games. Sweet Neverland is entirely finished for the whole Prologue, up to opening movie and in script, I’ll be doing hook’s route there first. I jump around my collection translating what interested me and picking them back up as I make my way through them in rotation. I don’t know if you plan to work on those, but I plan to continue working my way through their games.

        These are digital notepad notes though, so it’s up to you on whether it’s helpful to collaborate. I’m not a computer coder, so it’s probably pretty different than how you guys can do it. I translate as I go by screenshots, adding line by line what I translated into a script by numbering the pages of them.

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  12. Hi!! Thank you so much for the patch- for me it’s been working wonders.

    I was wondering if there was a way for you to release the soundtrack? I’ve looked all over the internet but haven’t been able to find it, and the soundtrack is honestly incredible. I figured that since you were able to translate the game you might have a way to get the music files? I totally understand if not, though.

    Thank you!

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