March update and apologies

Hello all! Many of you probably thought the project was dead, but we still are going strong 😀

I apologize for the severe lack of updates since last July. Real life really wrecked me these last few months and I had move houses three times in the span of a year, with my last and final move this February being from one country to another. Because of that I haven’t had much time to keep the blog updated and made everyone worry, I’m very sorry about that.

But there is good news! Despite the long silence on this blog, the few members we have had been working steadily since the last update and we are hoping that the next update will be a complete patch with all the routes! The current total status percentage of the project is:

  • Translation: 99%
  • Editing: 98%
  • Proofreading: 98%

Basically all that’s left is the translation of some scenes in Blood’s non-stay route, a few translation fixes and the addition of new routes in the walkthrough.

Also I’m extremely sorry to all the people who mailed/messaged me expressing their interest in working for our project. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t help us before because of me being MIA, but right now thankfully we don’t need any extra manpower. So please just accept my appreciation for your offer to help and look forward to the complete patch. 🙂