Patch update+Recruiting translators!

We return with an update containing 2 routes – Gowland stay route and Ace non-stay route! It’s such an ironic contrast because Gowland is the sweetest and most vanilla while Ace is….Ace. XDcollage

The current list of the characters who are included in the patch is:

  1. Blood Dupre (stay route)
  2. Elliot (stay and non-stay routes)
  3. Boris Airay (stay and non-stay routes)
  4. Peter (stay and non-stay routes)
  5. Ace (stay route and non-stay routes)  -NEW Non-stay route!
  6. Julius (stay and non-stay routes)
  7. Gowland -NEW Stay route!
  8. Nightmare

The download link for the patch is below~! Download links for the game can be found here (source: fyeah hnkna tumblr). Once again, I’m not bothering to link sites where you can purchase the game since it seems like you can’t activate the game license now that Quinrose is no longer active.


Google Drive /  Mega / Mediafire

The usual warnings, a little edited:

  2. The walkthough has been updated with information for the new routes and for better readability. It’s pretty long, so use the bookmarks!
  3. As mentioned in the walkthrough, Julius route has to be unlocked by playing Ace route and Nightmare route has to be unlocked by playing Julius’s. If you want to play them first no matter what, use the 100% savedata file, although I don’t recommend it since those routes are pretty spoilery.

As always, a thousand hugs and kisses to our currently active members: translators Aubrey and Kaylin and Editors/Proofreaders Sonic-nancy-fan, Hattingmad, Eldiatricc(also a tester!) ❤ Thanks to their hard work, the current total status percentage of the project is:

  • Translation: 91%
  • Editing: 90%
  • Proofreading: 90%

After this update we’re really close to completely finishing the project! Only Vivaldi and Twins still need to have both their stay and non-stay routes translated, and Blood and Gowland need their non-stay ones. All the subevents have been translated, so you shouldn’t encounter any Japanese text at all unless you aim for these still unfinished routes. We want to finish these routes asap so we’ve reopened recruitment for translators again! For translators we are looking for good English and basic Japanese knowledge (not simply the ability to google translate, mind you). People interested in helping out can either contact me on my gmail address ( or on my tumblr blog  (messages are encouraged since sometimes tumblr eats normal asks), mentioning your qualifications for the translator position (like “I took courses for Japanese in college/self-studied for 2 years to sate my doujinshi thirst/helped translate this manga” etc).

36 thoughts on “Patch update+Recruiting translators!

  1. Is this impossible to play unless you had the game before quinrose shut down? can you download these without the game?

    • You can play the game with the patch without getting the game from Quinrose because we link to a download of the game in this post. Look for ‘The download link for the patch is below~!’ near the top of the post.

  2. hi, i’m not that good with computers so i wanted to run this by you again… you just download the patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 that can be found by clicking mediafire or one of the other links, and then you replace the .xp3 files in your original anniversary no kuni no alice folder, with the new downloaded links? and from then on, you just run alice_anv.exe normally?

  3. I waiting for last patch! Do your best!! ❤❤❤❤
    And i hope that you gonna continue translate clover/joker next.
    😍😍😍 actually I want to help you guys but I can only cheer you up 🙋🙌🙋🙌

  4. Super late, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for your hard work! And I really hope you get the time to do Clover as well (I want to play Pierce`s route soooo bad ❤ )

  5. Oh wow 😮 I’m so out of the loop for Alice in the Country of Hearts game >x< I was so sad when the app disappeared from the appstore 😦 so I'm glad someone is translating the game!

  6. So I’m new here, and I’m COMPLETELY GRATEFUL THAT YOU ALL ARE WORKING ON DOING THIS. I’ve loved Alice in the country of hearts for about 5 years. And you guys are translating it! I was screaming around my house when I found out. :DD
    Though I have a question though (if it’s okay to ask them here)…. I downloaded it, but I haven’t gotten the English translations in game. I followed a couple links to how to download it, but I’m lost with getting the English translations to work…..

  7. Hello! I just wanted to tell you all..Thank you for your hard work you all are doing! Let me tell you all that the translation of the game has made me happy! You all made me happy with all the efforts are you putting so we can enjoy this marvelous history. Thanks again.

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  9. Ummm…as an avid fan of this game, I was wondering what’s going on with the final patches? I know everyone’s been busy especially with holidays and such but I wanted to make sure that the project isn’t (heaven forbid) dead. Is there anything fans go do to help get it back on track??

  10. I tried to finish Peter’s ‘Normal’ End where you don’t have enough Love points at the end of the game.
    So I just skipped to that point and the text is japanese.
    Are characters Normal End and all other Ends supposed to be translated ?

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