Happy new year and Patch update!

Happy new year everyone! What better way to celebrate than a patch update containing 3 more routes? 😀


That’s right, we present to you a patch update for Anniversary no Kuni no Alice, containing stay routes for 3 more characters- Ace, Julius and Elliot! The current list of the characters who are included in the patch is:

  1. Blood Dupre (stay route)
  2. Elliot (stay route) -NEW!
  3. Boris Airay (stay and non-stay routes)
  4. Peter (stay route)
  5. Ace (stay route) -NEW!
  6. Julius (stay route) -NEW!
  7. Nightmare

The download link for the patch is below~! Download links for the game can be found here (source: fyeah hnkna tumblr). I’m not bothering to link sites where you can purchase the game since it seems like you can’t activate the game license now that Quinrose is no longer active.

Google Drive /  Mega / Mediafire

A couple things that I should mention:

  2. The walkthough has been updated with information for the new routes and for better readability. It’s gotten pretty long, so use the bookmarks!
  3. As mentioned in the walkthrough, Julius route has to be unlocked by playing Ace route and Nightmare route has to be unlocked by playing Julius’s. If you want to play them first no matter what, use the 100% savedata file, although I don’t recommend it since those routes are pretty spoilery.

Many thanks to the currently active members who made it possible to finish 3 more routes in just 3 months! Our translators Aubrey, Kaylin, Ellis and Editors/Proofreaders Hattingmad, Eldiatricc (also a tester!), Sonic-nancy-fan are just the best, I’m so grateful for their hard work ❤

(Just to keep track of things, the current total status percentage of the project is:

  • Translation: 78%
  • Editing: 77%
  • Proofreading: 72%

Only Gowland, Vivaldi and Twins left among the stay routes, but non-stay ones are still a work in progress as only Boris non-stay route and Nightmare route are done.)

27 thoughts on “Happy new year and Patch update!

  1. Hey guys! Just finished playing through the updated patch and I just wanted to say thank you SO much for doing this. Alice is such a fun character, nothing like the MC you get in most other games. She’s bitter, cynical and snarky and I absolutely love her to bits. Probably even more then any of the guys. Thinking back my favorite route was probably Boris, with Elliot and Blood coming in second. The only one I haven’t played yet is nightmare , not sure if I’m going to at this point. Anyway just stopping by to tell you that you are all amazing and I love you lots for giving us otome fangirls this gift <3333 MWAH!!! THANK YOU!

  2. Hello! I have been playing the patch (Ace’s Route) and after his 13th event, all of his every day dialogue has gone back to japanese. I tried to load a file before it went that way and the problem still happened after I triggered the 13th event.

    I also tried to play Elliot’s route and his events are in japanese for some reason… I don-t know if I did something wrong, it just, happens.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Are you sure you are using the latest patch files? In the previous version of the patch those 2 routes were only half-translated, so it’s possible you’re using that. Try downloading the latest the patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 files and replace the old ones.

  3. Is the start of it meant to be in english, or is there a certain thing i have to do for it to run in english other than it being in the same folder as the game?

  4. I found a small bug/error. On the System > Text screen the Serif and Sans Serif options are switched. Thus selecting serif give you the MS Gothic san serif and vice versa.

  5. Does annyone have view the ball scene in Blood route ? Because i have view the thrid Peter event and accept his feeling but after that nothing. The day end, no scene with blood.
    Help please ^^

    Thank for the trad and good job team !

    • That sounds like you don’t have enough affection with Blood and/or haven’t watched all the Blood events up to that point, so the ball scene isn’t playing. Make sure you have enough Blood affection points, and if you do, make sure you’ve seen all Blood events up to that point.

  6. I just wondering that there were some beeping sound to censored what they are talking about. Is that from your work editing or not? I have played heart no kuni no alice remake with a VNR before but they don’t use beeping sound like this. Sorry that my english is bad.

    • No, we didn’t do it. The censor sound is a comical element present in all the older games, but they took it out in the remake and just made those parts silent. A bad decision imo, it was funny.

      • Ooh… Now i get it, thank you very much! Actually the censor sound is really funny, it surprised me and i was wondering why they censored it lol. Thank you very much for translating this game! I hope your work will be finished soon! 😊😊

  7. Aaaaaah I can’t even begin to tell you guys how grateful I am!!! This is a crazy big project and I am honestly amazed. You guys impress me. I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart that you’re still doing this… ;A; I love this game to bits, so it’s really lovely that I can finally play it and understand what’s going on. ;u; Thanks for the hard work!

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