Anniversary no Kuni no Alice First Partial Patch release!


We finally bring you the first partial patch of Anniversary no Kuni no Alice, containing routes for 4 characters out of 11! I can’t believe it’s been 4 long years since this project was first proposed in a baka-tsuki forums thread…Before I get lost in nostalgia let me announce the characters who are included in the patch!

  1. Blood Dupre (stay route)
  2. Boris Airay (stay and non-stay routes)
  3. Peter (stay route)
  4. Nightmare!

Yup, you read that right, we translated the route of the ever so elusive Nightmare! So those of you who played the android/iphone app before Quinrose went bankrupt and were saddened by the lack of a Nightmare route, you finally get to love him 😀

Here’s the download link for the patch~! You can buy the game from amazon I believe, but Quinrose no longer exists so you won’t be able to support them T_T Download links for the game can be found easily by googling the name.

Google Drive /  Mega / Mediafire

A couple tips to make your gaming experience better:

  1. Use the flag monitor to keep track of the affection points. This is a feature I added with the patch since I remember how painful it was to keep track of everything when I played the game in Japanese;;; It can be found under the debug option.
  2. The release includes walkthough for the routes in the patch (it’s basically a translated version of the Japanese walkthrough from here.)
  3. Change the font to “Sans Serif“. It looks better (above pic) than the default Serif, and Serif also tends to overflow the text box from time to time.
  4. EDIT: Use the 100% save file before you start a new game if you’re going for Nightmare’s route! This is because a good portion of scenes in Nightmare’s route require having finished Julius’s route beforehand, and Julius’s route is unlocked by playing Ace’s. I only discovered this when I translated the walkthrough, sorry.

Note that Anniversary isn’t a pure visual novel, and since this is a partial patch, we only translated the scenes that you would encounter while going for any of the above character routes. As for the short basic events, we translated all the basic scripts for the related characters and also the first 30-50% basic scripts for the other characters.You shouldn’t see any Japanese text unless you spam the characters who are not included in the patch so much that you end up triggering their non-stay route. All characters have their first non-stay event translated, however we have translated some more non-stay events accordingly so that people don’t have problems completing the subevents for the characters in the partial patch (for example, Blood’s and Boris’s jealousy scenes at the ball require you see the first 3 non-stay events for Peter, so we translated them).

I’m grateful to everyone who have contributed in this project over the years. I’d like to especially thank the few current members who gave me a lot of last minute help in releasing this patch: Eldiatricc for having god level patience and testing around 2k scripts while also juggling Editor duties, Aubrey for contributing a good amount of accurate and fast translations (also translation checking) even though she joined us recently,  Kaylin for translating a good number of scripts especially the Nightmare route, Sonic-nancy-fan for being the fastest and most active proofreader we could ask for, Spicy-Diamond and Straydog12 for a huge amount of picture edits, Hattingmad for her numerous excellent edits, particularly for the more important and plot heavy scripts, and Falaina for creating the means for distributing the patch and helping in troubleshooting. Special thanks goes to Quibi from fuwanovel forums for his help with wrapping text properly and creating a working patch. I’d also like to thank vocaotome aka myself (lol), although I’m not sure what to classify myself as since I juggled several duties like translating/recruiting people/testing the game and fixing issues.

We should also definitely thank the retired previous admin Stellaroze for starting this project in the first palce. Though they aren’t around much these days, Yukihime and Finalaccount helped translate a large amount of scripts and Ayame, Mimi and Kyatana did the same in editing/ proofreading. Our translators Ellis, Spinster, Chirigirl13, Alice, Ciara, Hakaieve, Nuitnoire, Noriri and Editors/Proofreaders Liza, Maisa, Grimm, Melissa, Marie, Lucy, Rebecca, Daeyamati, Pandora, Mio all worked together to make this release possible,and I love you all. ❤ My apologies to everyone whom I didn’t mention by name because of lack of space (or because they left before I became admin), rest assured that we appreciate all of you regardless.

That’s all~ Enjoy the patch, and report any crashes/share your excitement either by commenting in this post or contacting me on tumblr. (I’m thinking of setting up a forum to report small issues like spelling mistakes, odd translations, basic events not booting up etc., but for now only report if your game is literally crashing.)

39 thoughts on “Anniversary no Kuni no Alice First Partial Patch release!

  1. Thank you so much! You really are angels for bringing this awesome game to we non-japanese speakers :’3 I swear if I knew anything about programming I would be so happy to help you. Love you ❤

  2. I love you guys for actually starting and finishing part of this project. For so long I’ve been wishing someone actually translated this game so I’m not stuck with playing it on JP with a bad google translation ;v;. Thank you so much for translating Nightmare too, I’m so happy I could cry to see my favorite on the list.

  3. Hello! I got a question, would the patch work with psp version? I mean I doubt it, but it’s better to ask ;;
    Also, if not, where can i find download link for pc version? I can’t find it ;; I find it pointless to buy it if I cant support Quinrose…
    And lastly, thank you for your hard work !!

    • Nah, PC and PSP are totally different, it won’t work with the PSP version. The download link can be found in the fyeah tumblr blog for the alice series. It’s among the first few results if you google for “anniversary no kuni no alice download” (without the quotes).

  4. Ive bought the app version and holy its hard to get used to the switch from rough translations to this 🙂 excellent work. Id offer my help in the editing department if you guys every lose staff

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  6. First of all, thanks you so, so much for this patch. I know how hard everyone has work on it, so thank you~ <3.
    And now…I am really stupid and i don't know how to install the patch… On the instructions it says that i need to put it on the game folder, but it doesn't translate anything… Do I need something more? Or to put it on a special folder? T^T

      • I just posted a response to AnneG about how to get the patch to work, so look up a few comments and try what I said.
        I do not know if using Windows 10 would impact how you install the patch any, but I would imagine not.

    • Well, this is a bit late so you might have already solved this, but I’ll try to help.
      -Go to your game folder (mine is called ‘Anniversary no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World’ and I don’t think I changed the name).
      -You see the 4 folders? Conf, plugin, savedata, and the font one? Well, ignore them. Just paste the patch files directly into the folder you are currently looking at, the ‘Anniversary no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World’ folder. The patch files should appear next to the executable file. After that, if you start up the game, the files should work.
      -If it still doesn’t work, if you had previous patch files, I would recommend deleting the old versions you have, download the files again, and putting them into the folder again.
      Hopefully that helps~

  7. I can only seem to find the PSP ISO for download…Does anyone know where to download the pc version? Seems a bit pointless to buy it if we can’t support the developers :<

  8. Thank you for this, you have done a truly amazing job with the translation. I just finished my second route and I already feel a bit panicked that it’ll be over soon. Lovebombs for everyone who made this happen!! MWAH!!!!

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  10. Oh my god! I can’t believe it! It’s just soooo awesome that I could cry! xD Thank you all so much for your hard word! I swear I’m gonna play this game right away, I just can’t wait!
    Love you all and thanks again!! ♥

  11. Thank you guys for all your hard work! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the project was first annouced, so I’m super duper happy to see this =D Will a full patch be continued to work on? Or does the project stop at the partial patch? (Julius is my pre-favorite !). I have already played the prologue and the beginnings of each person’s route and also applied the 100% save file to the game first (bc I want to play Nightmare first huehue).

    Although is it possible to just play the game by viewing the scene recollection scenes wihtout having to do all the tedious turn based stuff? Some routes have 150+ turns, and sometimes when you click on people, there’s no event. Yet if I do it this way, will I be missing anything?

  12. Thank you so much for translating the game! T.T *cries tears of joy* even if this is a partial patch I’m still so damn happy

  13. Hi! Could someone please tell me how to get the game to play? This is my first game that I’ve downloaded so I don’t know if I have to install anything else to play this game. I downloaded the game but when I click the patch.xp3 file it doesn’t do anything.

  14. Hello, I was wondering what proofreaders were required to do in this project (of course if you guys still need them). I was involved in another project for a patch (Love Revo), and used to proofread also. I should be able to help if its within today (the 24th of december) and the 20th of january. Also, thank you very much for bringing this partial patch to us! You guys are great.

  15. Hello, but I can’t seem to find any file called ‘alice_anv.exe’. And I don’t exactly know how to install the game.. I know this is dumb, but this is indeed my first time downloading game with patches like this (usually I do full download straight). Please help, because I really want to play the game! Thank you.

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