July Update!

I truly apologize about the lack of updates this year, I had been answering asks about translation progress on tumblr and somehow deluded myself that I have updated the blog too. orz First let me share the current total status. (There has been very little progress in translation for reasons explained below, but yay for awesome increase in proofreading percentage!)

  • Translation: 61%
  • Editing: 50%
  • Proofreading: 46%

As we said before, the routes that have significant progress in terms of total content and will be included in the soon-to-be-released partial patch are the stay route for Blood, and both stay and non-stay routes for Boris. We were also planning to include Peter and one more character, but one by one all but 2 of  translators went MIA. I recruited a few more translators around January and assigned all the scripts that needed to be translated for the partial patch release, but I haven’t heard back from them.

Blood (stay) 3
Boris (non-stay) 0
Boris (stay) 0
Common events 4
Unannounced Character 29
Peter (stay) 23

Anyway, I’m on summer vacation now, and though I still have stuff to do and am not 100% free, I’ll try my best to round up the MIA translators and do something about the pending scripts. Boris is pretty much ready for release, and Blood only has only 3 (but of big size) pending scripts. As for the other 2 routes, unless the missing translators have finished what I assigned them and just forgot to contact me (not very likely), almost 50 more scripts still need to be translated. Those routes will probably be included  in a second partial patch.

At this moment we’re looking for translators; editor and proofreader applications will be opened after we find more translators. Translators need good English and basic Japanese knowledge (not simply the ability to google translate, mind you). People interested in helping out can either contact me on my gmail address (aurora6290@gmail.com) or on tumblr, mentioning your qualifications for translating.