December update!

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m really sorry about the lack of updates the last two months. First let me share the current total status and a few preview pics~


  • Translation: 59%
  • Editing: 42%
  • Proofreading: 29%

The routes that have significant progress in terms of total content and will be included in the patch are the stay route for Blood, and both stay and non-stay routes for Boris. We were also planning to include Peter and one more character, but we will most likely release them in the second partial patch (unless we get more translators), otherwise the release will become much more delayed. The number of pending scripts for these routes are like below. Boris should be ready to go as soon as we finish the common events,  and Blood is also close to completion!

Blood (stay) 11
Boris (non-stay) 0
Boris (stay) 0
Common events 19
Unannounced Character 31
Peter (stay) 23

We were originally planning to release the first partial patch around Christmas, but considering the current status of unfinished scripts we have set our target to the upcoming valentine’s day. The number of scripts that need to be translated for a partial patch is actually not that high, but currently we have very few translators, majority of whom haven’t been very active the last couple months. I haven’t even been pushing anyone or recruiting new people, as I have been very busy myself for the last 2 months because of graduate school (finals ended just last week). I guess that everyone’s respective school/jobs have been kicking their butts too. This time of the year really is hectic =.=

The good news is that the editors and proofreaders have been working hard on the already translated scripts, and also all the system images and stuff have been edited. So there has been progress in the parts other than translation! ^o^

At this moment we’re looking for translators; editor and proofreader applications will be opened after we find more translators. In the past one specific person used to be assigned for each route, but it put too much pressure on people considering the huge amount of scripts (about 3350!), so everyone is now welcome to work on anything as long as they are qualified. For translators that means having good English and basic Japanese knowledge (not simply the ability to google translate, mind you), and editors/proofreaders only need a good grasp of English grammar and spelling. People interested in helping out can either contact me on my gmail address ( or on tumblr, mentioning your qualifications for the position applied. Currently accepting translator applications only.

4 thoughts on “December update!

  1. It’s great to hear how the translations have been progressing all this time, especially during the holidays. Can’t wait for the partial patch!

  2. Thanks for working on this game series! I can’t wait to play it once it’s finished. Looking forward to the new updates on the projects! Keep up the great work.

  3. Ooooh boy I can’t believe I just found out about this!! I’m so so excited to see there’s an english patch on the works. ;A; I’ll gladly wait for it, bless your souls for taking up this herculean task, I can’t imagine doing something similar. You have my respect. Thanks a lot for the hard work!! I’ll be cheering you guys on. ;~;

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