September update!

Hello everyone! Sorry about no updates in August, I recently moved to the US for my grad studies and things have been rather hectic. ;; The current total status is:

  • Translation: 55%
  • Editing: 39%
  • Proofreading: 28%

The routes that have significant progress in terms of total content and will be included in the patch are stay routes for Blood and Peter, and both stay and non-stay routes for Boris. We also plan to include one more character but no promises~ The number of pending scripts for these routes are like below.

Blood (stay) 30
Boris (non-stay) 12
Boris (stay) 2
Common events 20
Unannounced Character 31
Peter (stay) 27

Please note that the actual love events for Boris, Blood and Peter are already translated, but the above count includes the scenes that are not specifically for the route but are a part of it (like the opening and the ball scenes etc), and the routes can’t be released until these are also finished.

At this moment we’re looking for translators; editor and proofreader applications will be opened after we find more translators. In the past one specific person used to be assigned for each route, but it put too much pressure on people considering the huge amount of scripts (about 3350!), so everyone is now welcome to work on anything as long as they are qualified. For translators that means having good English and basic Japanese knowledge (not simply the ability to google translate, mind you), and editors/proofreaders only need a good grasp of English grammar and spelling. People interested in helping out can either contact me on my gmail address (aurora6290@gmail.com) or on tumblr (fanmails are encouraged since sometimes tumblr eats normal asks), mentioning your qualifications for the position applied. Currently accepting translator applications only.