Progress Update

  • Translation: 43%
  • Editing: 27%
  • Proofreading: 26%

We’re looking for translators, translation-checkers and proofreaders to help us out. If you wish to help, PM me via the forums or make a comment. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. I can also help as a proofreader! If you need my help you can just reply to this comment as I’ll have notification of follow-up comments to my email. ouo

  2. I can be somewhat a translation-checker but I can definitely be a proofreader! Feel free to message me anytime because I’m mostly free.

  3. hi, I’d like to help out in translation, since I’m a big fan of HnKnA. I’m not very confident of my skills though, but I’ve translated some things before, so just contact me on tumblr rather than my email if you’d like me to translate 😉

  4. I’ve just discovered this project recently but I’d like to help out if you need it, I’m willing to be a translation checker and proof-reader.

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