Progress Update!

  • Translation: 38%
  • Editing: 26%
  • Proofreading: 25%

We’ve also got a new translator Yukihime!

Quinrose is making a sequel/spin-off to Heart no Kuni no Alice called Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Twin World~. In this game, the roleholders personalities are changed and Dee and Dum are replaced by Humpty and Dumpty. You can read more about it here: .

2 thoughts on “Progress Update!

  1. Oh my gad! Umpty and Dumpty look pretty… urhm.. Strange? xD (By the way they are a pretty hair color! x3)
    Well she says that Julius change is apparence but in the image he seems the same as usual… No? =o

    So! I’m very exciting by this game! 😀 I really want to know more about the changement with all the character! ^^
    Thanks to share this news with us!

    (Sorry if I made a mistake, I’m french and my english is really not perfect at all. ^^’)

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