Project Poll

Here are the suggestions that have been made so far:

You can vote for which one you would like to be translated here . Just reply in the thread with your choice. If one of the PSP games wins, the translations will probably be done in the form of a wiki since patching a PSP game will be complicated.

The voting will end next Sunday.

Edit: We might do a YouTube translation of the PSP games

4 thoughts on “Project Poll

  1. You guys will be working on this project after you finish Anniversary no Kuni no Alice, right?
    Also, would you guys be willing to maybe help out the Black Wolves Saga translation at otomehearts instead of a new project? THe BWS project doesn’t seem like it’s been progressing 😦 If not, never mind lol

    • We’ll be working on the chosen project at the same time, when Anniversary is done we’ll pick up Clover. Are hands will be tied up with our projects, so we probably wouldn’t be able to help out with BWS unless one of the translators want to.

  2. Thank you sooooo so much for making a translation! It really is about time x3 and if you could do Uta no Prince Sama too…I’d be indebted xD

  3. Hi! Thank u for making a translation!!! You all are awesome!!! If you fully complete translating Anniversary No Kuni No Alice, then do I have to download the game from you guys or are you guys going to make the game into a PSP game then put it into stores? Because I have been wanting to buy the game but I can’t read or translate japanese at all and was hoping that you guys would make the PSP game English or would I have to download it online?

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