Poll Results

  • Arabians Lost (PSP) 3
  • Tiny x Machinegun 13
  • Zettai Meikyuu Grimm 8
  • Death Connection (PSP) 4
  • Uta no Prince-sama Repeat! (PSP) 7

The winner of the poll is Tiny x Machinegun! We won’t be starting the project immediately, but hopefully it’ll be started in the next few months. The Anniversary no Kuni no Alice and Tiny x Machinegun projects should run independently of each other.


Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Progress:

  • Translation: 28%
  • Editing: 19%
  • Proofreading: 17%

Project Poll

Here are the suggestions that have been made so far:

You can vote for which one you would like to be translated here . Just reply in the thread with your choice. If one of the PSP games wins, the translations will probably be done in the form of a wiki since patching a PSP game will be complicated.

The voting will end next Sunday.

Edit: We might do a YouTube translation of the PSP games


New Forum + Potential New Project

  • Translation – 27%
  • Editing – 19%
  • Proof-reading – 16%

We now have a forum at: http://marchentranslations.icyboards.net/index.php . You can ask us questions, give suggestions and talk about Quinrose’s series there. We’ve also got a new translator – vocaotome and possibly another one joining us soon. With that, we pretty much have enough translators now 😀 .

I’ve been thinking of picking up a new project. If you have any ideas about what otome game we should translate, please write it in the comments. This time next week,  I’ll hold a poll to decide what project we do next.