Progress Update!

  • Translation – 20%
  • Editing – 14%
  • Proofreading – 12%

We’re now making steady progress 🙂 . Is anyone willing to make a banner? It needs to be 790×200 pixels big.

4 thoughts on “Progress Update!

  1. Really appreciate you guys doing this 🙂
    You guys probably already know of the wonderful person translating the heart kuni game, right?:
    A lot of the dialogues have remained the same (as she mentions here:
    Like I said before though, you probably already know this haha^^
    Plus, she said she was willing to collaborate. Have you guys already started working together? Thanks 🙂

      • That’s great 😀 Though, I was wondering, I thought she had completed some of the routes already, so why is the translation still stuck at 20%? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something haha. Also, you mentioned in your earlier posts, that you’ll probably be finished early next year. So it’s not likely that you’ll be able to release it this year, then? Anyways, thanks for you and your whole group’s effort^^ Much appreciated 🙂

      • Check the latest post, translation is now at 26%. 😉 Unless a miracle happens, it will probably be released next year. But, the translating and editing should speed up in the summer.

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