Soft Reboot?

The project is still alive! I’ve been really busy with college stuff and the other members of the group are probably in the same situation as me. I’ve decided to move the blog to WordPress since is too unreliable and changed the group name.

Progress-wise, the translation is 25% done, translation-checking 9%, editing 6% and proof-reading 5%. There’s no solid release date, but I hope by this time next year we’ll be done.

P.S. Can anyone make a banner that’s 790×200 pixels big? 😀

One thought on “Soft Reboot?

  1. I’m not particularly good at picture editing but here is a banner if you cannot get a better one made up. I used images from the manga covers, screenshots or the movie, so all the art used in the banner is official art. I think I used the correct game logo, if not it can easily be replaced. I did not add any text as I did not know what you wanted on it. I hope this is what you wanted in a banner,

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